By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

How do we share our faith in a post-Christian context where public life is mostly secular and private life is very diverse? Os Guinness shows us how we can converse with — and even persuade — people who are not interested in what we are saying. 

By Karen Hice Guzmán and Amanda W. Benckhuysen

Join us for a conversation with author and Biblical scholar Amanda W. Benckhuysen as we discuss her new book in which she explores scholarship written by women over several centuries and considers its implications for Biblical interpretation.

By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

Might each of our life stages be a calling? Are there multiple callings in some seasons? The authors offer a unique perspective on Vocation by suggesting Lifespan as the lens through which we can view our callings.

By Karen Wright Marsh and Andrea Bridges

Can the life of a 17th-century nun catalyze your own spiritual journey? Explore the story of Juana Inez de la Cruz in this first of a series of offerings from InterVarsity Press — our special summer resource for readers of The Well. 

By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

Interested in reading a woman apologist of C.S. Lewis’s caliber and era? Uncover Dorothy Sayers’s insights on Theology and Work from selected essays and discover the clarity and confidence with which she articulates Christian doctrine.

By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

How can the work of Mother Teresa and her community speak to the University world? Through Dr. Poplin’s firsthand experiences, explore Mother Teresa’s vocation and discern your own.