By Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Moseley Gissing explores the implications of God's invitation to take more risks in life.

By Tish Harrison Warren

I’d like to propose a moratorium on the use of the phrase “personal relationship with Christ.” A close friend who recently attended my Anglican church was alarmed that we read what she called “other people’s prayers.” She said that we need . . .

By Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun takes a close look at the gifts and challenges of her Asian-American upbringing and considers how it has impacted her understanding of God's character.

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

The bouquet of shiny red and blue stars jostled each other for position against the car’s soft tan ceiling. The squeak of plastic rubbing plastic made me think about the community that can be nourished by the simple act of buying helium balloons . . .

By Kathy Khang

Kathy Khang considers the possibilities and limits for Christian women in pursuit of God's call on their lives.