By Kami Rice

Join writer Kami Rice as she takes a second trip to India, eager to explore questions touched off by her first visit. The Well borrows this blog post from the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN).

By Priscilla Lasmarias Kelso

Where is home? For writer Priscilla Lasmarias Kelso, having lived in several countries, the question is real. But the question and the longing for a permanent address apply to us all.

By Emily Dolan

Comparing oneself to others can reach new heights when the comparison is based on the progress of a dissertation.

By Jamie Noyd

Jamie Noyd gives examples from literature, the Bible, and her own work of lives changing in “liminal” moments.

By Jayme M. Yeo

When Jamie Yeo is asked to serve communion at her church, she is terrified of being called out, “Hey, who let you in? What do you think you’re doing?” until her thought is claimed by another idea.

By Eugenia Brown

A professor of the history of Christianity learns to tell the truth about the giants of the faith and about herself.

By Carolyn Custis James

Carolyn Custis James’ study of the Hebrew word ezer changed how she thinks of herself and how she understands God’s call to women.

By Margot Starbuck

When Margot Starbuck most needed a gracious heavenly Father, that very expression of God's nature was called into question.