In interview format, hear from women in The Well audience representing a variety of academic areas and professions.

Men share their experiences of being the primary caregiver in their homes.

The Well peeks into the life choices and current projects on the plate of Joanne Marshall, professor of Educational Policy.

Paula Fuller shares the story of her life and call to ministry — including family conflicts, romance, and an armed robbery attempt. 

Banking professional Patricia Snyder offers her wisdom on life choices and money management in this interview with The Well.

Karon Morton, Vice President and Director of Operations at InterVarsity, talks about her work as a woman in leadership.

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As she develops as a leader, Nikki describes racial and gender dynamics and the appropriate use of power.

An interview with an MBA and ministry leader, chronicling her journey from communist leader to cultural transformer.

Holly Ordway

Holly describes the role of literature in her coming to faith and the connection between her development as a teacher and her discipleship as a Christian.

We caught Regina Sun as she returned to work after maternity leave and quizzed her on life, faith, work, and family.