In an interview format, Voices features women in The Well audience representing a variety of academic areas and professions.

By Regina Sun

We caught Regina Sun as she returned to work after maternity leave and quizzed her on life, faith, work, and family.

By Sandra Diaz

Taking seriously the question, “What are God’s priorities for your background, skills, education, experience, and networks?” Sandra Diaz begins a start-up for Latina entrepreneurs.

By Angela Prater

Community college professor Angela Prater encourages Christians to confront issues of workplace discrimination.

By Susan Cross

A professor of social psychology shares her interest in her field and its application to the church.

By Lucy Aguirre

PhD student Lucy Aguirre works with the fundamental building blocks of life.

By Ruth López Turley

Ruth López Turley inspires her students as she researches and teaches about inequalities in education, drawing inspiration from her own experience growing up in Laredo, Texas.

By Heather Duncan

In university classrooms and homeless shelters, Heather Duncan finds fulfillment in her work.