About Women in the Academy and Professions

Women in the Academy and Professions is one of the focused ministry initiatives of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries. Recognizing the unique challenges and layers of complexity facing women who pursue higher education and the careers that follow, we provide resources online, on campus, and on location to encourage women in their professional vocations, in their communities, and throughout the fullness of their lives. We long to see women in all sectors of our society living wholeheartedly into their God-given callings for the sake of his glory, their joy, and the good of the world. In addition to serving women in the university, we function at the intersection of the academy and the professional worlds by bringing women together to provide support, networking, mentoring relationships, and leadership development whether they are in academics, business, law, medicine, politics, education, industry, or elsewhere.

Women in the Academy and Professions is for:

  • women who are in or who have attended graduate or professional school and who are seeking to let God creatively compose their lives using the education and training they have received and the gifts they have been given.
  • women and men called to encourage and bless the bright, gifted, highly-educated women in their lives.
  • women and men who desire to see Jesus regarded as a compelling reality for all women.

Mission Statement

We are called to equip women and men to be a redeeming influence for women in the academy and professions.

Vision Statement

InterVarsity’s vision is to see campuses renewed, students and faculty transformed, and world-changers developed. By God’s grace, as we work towards the fulfillment of that vision, we hope to see the following outcomes:

  • GFM as a whole is strengthened and well-equipped to evangelize and minister to women in graduate school, professional school, and faculty contexts.
  • Women called to higher academic pursuits, and the careers that follow, find specific encouragement, support, and practical guidance to be faithful followers of Christ as women in advanced degree programs and beyond.
  • Men in graduate and faculty settings will be equipped and challenged to honor God by living out healthy and supportive work/peer relationships with women.
  • Many women in academic and professional settings become passionate followers of Christ.
  • Women faithfully steward privileged positions towards God’s purposes of caring for the plight of poor and oppressed women throughout the world.

What are we doing?

The Well.  The Well is the online gathering place for women to come together and connect, find helpful resources to strengthen and encourage their walk with Christ, and so much more! Come and see for yourself.

Under the Surface. Women in the Academy and Professions partners and consults with GFM staff on activities and ministries, particularly those that are relevant and useful for women. We cheer the good work already happening and the encouragement and support GFM staff provide women students. We also look for ways to expand the reach of events to include opportunities for women attending. Examples of this include sponsoring a women’s luncheon at the Believers in Business conference and hosting gatherings and support opportunities at InterVarsity Faculty camps.

Future Plans. We are overflowing with dreams for the future! Stay tuned for news about regional conferences and local gatherings. We hope eventually to sponsor short-term missions opportunities specific to the needs of women in third-world countries and also to provide spiritual retreats for graduate and faculty women. We also hope (in partnership with Faculty MinistryProfessional Schools Ministries, and local GFM chapters) to offer evangelistic events and resources specifically designed to connect women to the good news of Christ. If you have suggestions for us as we plan for the future, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!