By E.V. Clare

Two poems: "Vocation" and "beatitude"



The way that spring radiator is colder

than ever, for a start I wish it was winter again —

For a few minutes every day, if I’m lucky
I’ll admit the sky

I think,
I can’t remember, why

have you hidden your heart on this earth?

But you have hidden your heart on this earth.





I will save eternity

for later

for now I’ll leave
the open air

where birds are and go

from here

as singular this earth that has more
pears in it and sunlight

than sun could

About the Author

E.V. Clare lives in South Bend, Indiana, where she studies poetry and poetics at a local university. In her spare time, she enjoys walking along the St. Joseph river and exchanging books with friends. Her future aspirations include learning — in the vein of poet Charles Olson — to live “carelessly,” and how to fish.

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