A. C. Grace

Anna Christine is a trauma-informed therapist, passionate about cultivating healing spaces that explore the intersections of pain, stuckness, and wrestling through faith journeys that are not linear paths. Her work draws from interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory, and parts work, alongside thoughtful theological reflection and contemplative practices from her second master’s degree in Biblical Studies and her time spent in a spiritual formation fellowship. Her writing, along with free integrative resources, can be found on groundingmist.com.

Contributions by A. C. Grace
By A. C. Grace

When Mary is great with child, tender feelings can be bruised — especially for those with unfulfilled longings for children. Therapist A.C. Grace shares her very personal story.

By A. C. Grace

How can we celebrate Thanksgiving when we're full of sadness or grief? A. C. Grace offers Scripture and reflective tools to help approach the holiday with our whole selves.