Kathy Tuan-MacLean

Kathy Tuan-MacLean (PhD, Northwestern University, Human Development & Social Policy), mother to three children, serves on InterVarsity staff as the National Faculty Ministry Director.  She has served with Intervarsity since 1990, ministering to undergraduate & graduate students as well as faculty in New York City, Boston and now Baltimore.  She’s also a certified spiritual director (Selah, LTI).  She blogged with Patheos around her struggles with motherhood and finding God in the midst at What She Said, and Wordy, Nerdy.  She’s also written two articles for Christianity Today on racial reconciliation:  Can People of Color Really Make Themselves at Home?, and All for Love’s Sake.

Contributions by Kathy Tuan-MacLean
By Kathy Tuan-MacLean and Tara Edelschick

As seasonal rhythms turn toward school, receive this prayer for professors and their children as two generations prepare to walk into a new year.

By Tara Edelschick and Kathy Tuan-MacLean

As we emerge from the pandemic, many of us are asking, "What just happened?" Kathy Tuan-MacLean and Tara Edelschick explore the spiritual formation that took place during the past 18 months.

By Kathy Tuan-MacLean

“Don’t let male spirituality determine your spirituality.” The words leapt off the page as I sat in the crowd at a spiritual formation retreat for InterVarsity women staff. Julie Anderton, a spiritual director, had passed out an outline...

By Kathy Tuan-MacLean

For years, I rejected my call to be a leader. Or at least, I rejected embracing the identity of being a leader by calling everything I did that looked “leaderly” something else...

By Kathy Tuan-MacLean

Grad faculty staff Kathy Tuan-MacLean considers if we are really to bring good news to the academy, perhaps we needed to embody the opposite.