Lynn Gill

Lynn Gill completed her PhD in analytical chemistry at Purdue University. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry before joining InterVarsity’s Graduate & Faculty Ministries in 1999. She has planted and built graduate student and faculty fellowships in North Carolina, New Mexico, Southern California and the Western US. In addition, she has led teams of staff focused on undergraduate, graduate student and faculty ministry. Currently she serves as VP for InterVarsity’s Graduate & Faculty Ministries team. Lynn lives in Bellingham, Washington with her husband David, an engineering faculty member at Western Washington University and their labradoodle, Bojangles, who likes to take them running and walking on the beautiful trails of the Northwest. They have two children in college.

Contributions by Lynn Gill
By Lynn Gill and Ann Boyd

Lynn Gill is a chemist, a scholar, and the recently-appointed Vice President for InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries. Listen in as we discuss her journey through academia, her moments of discernment, and the spiritual habits that have supported her along the way.