Ritu Singh

Ritu (rid'-thoo) Singh is a New Jersey native and the daughter of North Indian natives - specifically from Bengali, Punjabi, and Uttar Pradeshi descent. She has been on staff for 11 years overseeing staff directors, staff, and students in Greater Boston where she attended pharmacy school as a student. In her time in college, she stumbled upon InterVarsity and a calling that has led to both a costly and beautiful life. Currently still residing in Boston, Massachusetts, she is planned to oversee all Focused Ministries in New England and continues to serve as a leader in the SAIV movement. 

Most of her free time has been spent with good friends eating good food and FaceTiming with her cute and maniacal niece. She has travelled a lot and is hoping to visit many more places on her bucket list in the future. 

Contributions by Ritu Singh