Sally Bruyneel Padgett and Donna Martinson

Sally Bruyneel Padgett lives in Saint Paul along with her husband Alan G. Padgett. She divides her scholarly attentions between research and writing, and teaching at Bethel University. Her work on women in religious history includes publications on evangelist Phoebe Palmer and Quaker Margaret Fell. Her most recent book is Margaret Fell and the End of Time: The Theology of The Mother of Quakerism. The Rev. Donna Martinson is a life-long Minnesotan, raised in the United Methodist Church, and now an ordained UM Elder. Her career path began in social work, then led to a director position at a retreat center, after which she spent time in youth ministry and Christian Education, before hearing a call into seminary and ordained ministry. She is host to a house church and is interested in how the Church can best respond in our 21st century context. Donna blogs at

Contributions by Sally Bruyneel Padgett and Donna Martinson
By Sally Bruyneel Padgett and Donna Martinson

Let us introduce an extraordinary woman of faith and author of "Women’s Speaking Justified," a hallmark treatise on the defense of women’s right to teach and preach.