Fall 2022 Book Club: Restless Devices

Do you find yourself drawn to check your social media feeds with expectancy, looking for something new and interesting? Does your heart rev up with anticipation to what might await you as you reach for your phone? Do you get bored or impatient with the people around you — and do you quickly get through interacting with them so you can get to your "real" life before a screen? Do you feel pressured to respond to email and messages on your phone right away? Is constantly being available to people taking a toll on you? Even if this is not you, some of these characteristics might describe people you know. Do you long for something more, for yourself and others? 

Felicia Wu Song shows us that even though we rightly long for community, we settle for connection instead, and shows us how our souls are being formed by the digital world we inhabit in ways we may not always be conscious of.

Join Women Scholars and Professionals this fall on Tuesdays, 9:00 p.m. Eastern as we discuss Restless Devices: Recovering Personhood, Presence, and Place in the Digital Age by Felicia Wu Song. In our conversations together, we'll examine how our digital practices shape us and as we cultivate habits to become the people we long to be.

Sept 27 — Chapters 1-2: Introduction and the Digital Media Fast
Oct 11 — Chapters 3-5: Digital Stocktaking
Oct 25 — Chapters 6-7: Secular Liturgy and Counterliturgy
Nov 8 — Chapters 8-9: Alternative Futures

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