Fall 2023 Book Club: Agents of Flourishing

Join Women Scholars and Professionals this fall for a discussion of Amy L. Sherman's Agents of Flourishing.

Are you troubled by the brokenness in every aspect of human life? Do you long to see glimpses of our prayer — “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done” — unfold? Do you want a fresh vision of how your own passions, expertise, and work can be used for God’s purposes in our world?

We will explore how Christians can contribute to the flourishing of all human life as we read Amy Sherman’s Agents of Flourishing: Pursuing Shalom In Every Corner of Society (IVP 2022). Join fellow Christian women academics to discuss how you can pursue shalom in every sphere of life, both through your vocation and through the church.  

We will meet on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. (eastern) starting September 21. As in the past, we hope to conclude with an author interview in late November.

Sept 21 — Chapters 1-3
Oct 5 — Chapters 4-7
Oct 19 — Chapters 8-10
Nov 2 — Chapters 11- 13
Nov 16 — Chapters 14- 17

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