Beginning Well: Advice for New Faculty Members (Part 2)

For those of you who are new faculty members, we offer this collection of articles gathered from the Emerging Scholars Network to help you thrive in your new role. But no matter where you are in your tenure, we hope these articles will encourage you in your calling to teaching and scholarship.

The Scholar’s Compass is a wonderful series of devotionals launched by ESN written by and for academics. Some of these devotionals are particularly relevant to faculty:

Professor W. Brian Lane tells the story of how he came to see teaching physics as a way of seeking God's glory. The first piece in Scholar's Compass, ESN's devotional for and by academics. 
Bethany Bear on some virtues she learned from teaching ancient Greek texts. 
Chemistry, Creativity, and J. R. R. Tolkien. 
Kelly Seaton encourages academics as they start the new school year. Part of a series.
Literature professor Angela O'Neal explores creativity and faith through her knowledge of literature. 
by Beth Madison
"That got me to thinking—what if I had it to do again? Would I change anything or not? And if so, why? I realized there were some very important things I would’ve changed about my time in graduate school and as a young professor..."
by Kevin Birth
Tips on managing the new and increased pressures that come with a faculty position.
by Paul Yandle
Paul Yandle meditates on how the experience of teaching shows him more about God, even in those moments when a student’s response is not what the professor was hoping for. 
by John Hundley
Our vocation is the specific realm — workplace, department, milieu — into which we bring God’s kingdom.
by Nicholas Wolterstorff
“What advice can I give to you whose sights are set on becoming Christian scholars? My first piece of advice is that you get clear on what you understand by the project of being a Christian scholar.”
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