Beginning Well: Advice for New Grad Students

Are you starting grad school this fall semester? We offer this collection of articles gathered from The Well to help you thrive in this new endeavor. But no matter where you are in your program, we hope these articles will encourage you in your calling to teaching and scholarship. And please be sure to check out resources for grad students from our friends at the Emerging Scholars Network.

by Chandra Crane
"There’s more to life than this — but also, what you are doing here matters." Chandra Crane offers encouragement and perspective to those whose vocation right now includes intensive study.
by Jayme Yeo
“I learned over the course of that first year that graduate school offers a lot of opportunities and obstacles for spiritual, personal, and professional growth...and so I’d like to offer a few thoughts for anyone entering graduate school for the first time (or those of you who, like me, still need an occasional reminder that you’re not in it alone).”
by Jayme Yeo
"As a graduate student, I often find myself acting as though God simply does not belong in my work. Talking with Christian friends in other disciplines, I realize that I am not the only one facing the problem of integrating work and faith in an academic environment." 

Dear Mentor: How does one live well as a graduate student?
How does one live well as a graduate student? What advice do you have for those of us just beginning? What helped you to survive and thrive in your program?

Dear Mentor: Can I grow spiritually and also have fun during the stress of grad school?
Is it possible to be a thriving, growing person in graduate school?

Dear Mentor: Succeeding in Grad School
What are the keys to success in graduate school?

Dear Mentor: How do you deal with the stresses of the academy?
Are there unique ways for a Christ-follower to deal with stress in the academy?

by Laura Goetsch
"Our campus apartment was in a building that contained 27 other apartments arranged around a central courtyard...In this community, we shared life in the fullest way I have ever been blessed to do." Laura Goetsch reflects on the powerful community life she experienced during the crucible of grad school.
By Christine Jeske
As Chrissy Jeske prepared to return to graduate school after several years away, she was anxious about all that was new and unknown. Reassurance came in an unexpected way.
by Beth Bruno
“I limped into Seattle battered and bruised — emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Grad school gave me life. It awakened in me passions God has given me to offer the world. It made me a more interesting, more engaged mother. It infused curiosity and healthy debate into my marriage. It reawakened my love for God. Grad school set me on a new vocational journey, but it did far more — it revived my soul.”


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