Join us for conversations in which we seek to give voice to women living into their God-given callings and serving as redeeming influences in the academy and beyond.

By Kaitlyn Schiess and Ann Boyd

Author and scholar Kaitlyn Schiess talks with us about political theology in American history and how learning about it can impact our own faithful engagement with politics today. 

By Gordon T. Smith and Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

Professor Gordon T. Smith talks with us about vocation, spiritual engagement, and personal congruence in this exclusive peek into our spring book club.

By Carmen Joy Imes and Ann Boyd

Author and professor Carmen Joy Imes talks with us about theology's impact on our daily lives, the unique dignity of humanity, and the ways we can honor God's image in each of us.

By Danielle Treweek and Ann Boyd

Theological researcher Rev. Dr. Dani Treweek talks with us about the understanding of singleness throughout history, the questions that face us today, and how we might think differently about relationships and the church.

By Aundi Kolber and Ann Boyd

Therapist Aundi Kolber returns to talk with us about cultivating inner strength, paying attention to our needs, and ways to stay grounded in God's love.