By Bonnie Smith Whitehouse and Ann Boyd

Bonnie Smith Whitehouse: Seasons of Wonder

"I hope it's a useful text, a text that helps us think about God .. someone with whom we can fall in love." — Bonnie Smith Whitehouse

Bonnie Smith Whitehouse talks with us about her professional calling into academia, the wonder of God's created world, and creative habits for spiritual reflection from her new book.

I’m excited to invite you into a conversation with Bonnie Smith Whitehouse, English professor and author of  Seasons of Wonder: Making the Ordinary Sacred Through Projects, Prayers, Reflections, and Rituals. This handbook walks us through each week of the year with thoughtful, guided reflections to help us engage with the presence of God in our everyday world. I really enjoyed reading Bonnie’s creative ideas, and it turned out to be even more energizing to have a conversation with her — if you had been there, you would have seen the way Bonnie’s whole face lights up as she is talking about this book and the way we can shape our days to deepen our connection with God and our wonder at God’s created world. Bonnie and I also spend a few minutes talking about her professional calling into academia, and I’ve included a little bonus at the end of the podcast where she offers wise advice for parents with young children.

So jump right in! We're so glad you're here.

You can listen on iTunes or at The Women Scholars and Professionals Podcast. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

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About the Author

Bonnie Smith Whitehouse, PhD, is a writer and professor who studies storytelling, creativity, contemplation, and wonder. She is the author of Nautilus Award winner Afoot and Lighthearted: A Journal for Mindful Walking and Kickstart Creativity: 50 Prompted Cards to Spark Inspiration. A lifelong Episcopalian, she has spent the last twenty years as a lay leader of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Chapel at Vanderbilt University. Bonnie is professor of English and director of the honors program at Belmont University, and she lives in Nashville with her family.

Ann is the Women Scholars and Professionals Podcast host and the interim editor for The Well. She has worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1997, exploring her interests in community, spiritual formation, and writing. Ann has a BM in Music Education from Northwestern University and lives in Chicago, Illinois with one husband, two spunky teenage daughters, and three snuggly cats. You’ll often find Ann baking sweet treats in the kitchen while listening to a podcast or audiobook.

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