By Mary Poplin

Challenges in the University World: An Interview with Dr. Mary Poplin

"What we really need to do is to have a strategy for influencing the culture. People who are associated with the academic world are going to have to step up and being to write and talk publicly."

This past winter, the WAP book club read Finding Calcutta: What Mother Teresa Taught me about Meaningful Work and Service by Dr. Mary Poplin. On our final call together, Dr. Poplin joined us for conversation about the book and her current work and life in the university. You can listen on iTunes or through WAP's podbean page. We hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as we did.


About the Author

Mary Poplin is a professor of education at Claremont Graduate University. She received her PhD from the University of Texas in 1978. After many years of what she calls “searching the spiritual net,” she became a Christian in 1993 and now works to integrate her faith and her work in the university. Her most recent educational research has focused on studying high performing teachers in low performing urban schools. She writes also on the need to merge the imperatives of social justice and accountability in order to decrease the achievement gap between students in different racial and economic groups.

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