By Karen Wright Marsh and Andrea Bridges

Discipleship Across the Ages: An Interview with Karen Wright Marsh

"There is in history an endless family and community. We're always meeting long-lost relatives in the faith."

In our WAPpy Hour podcast interview with Karen Wright Marsh, The Well's editor Andrea Bridges asks about what we might learn from Christians who lived 500 years ago and why academic work in public universities is a work of discipleship.

This interview is part of our summer special at The Well, a series in which we highlight two recent books by women authors, including Karen Wright Marsh's Vintage Saints and Sinners

Vintage Saints is a lovely invitation to meet some new friends in faith, but also to look at our own stories of faith and to identify the people who have been for us faithful companions along the way. With permission, we published two excerpts at The Well. We chose two women whom we hadn’t met before, and who had public voices despite their gender, beginnings, and cultural contexts. As fellow women seeking to follow God’s calling in academic work and faithful witness, we hope you enjoy meeting Karen Marsh and her "old friends."

You can listen on iTunes or through WAP's podbean page. We hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as we did.

Links mentioned in this interview:

You can read about the life of Juana Inez de la Cruz and Amanda Berry Smith in these two book excerpts from Vintage Saints and Sinners at The Well.

Consider purchasing Karen's book using the 40% off discount code (including free U.S. shipping) that InterVarsity Press is offering readers of The Well: WELL4513. (Good through August 31, 2018 on the title Vintage Saints and Sinners.)

About the Author

Karen Wright Marsh is executive director and cofounder of Theological Horizons, a university ministry that has advanced theological scholarship at the intersection of faith, thought, and life since 1991. Karen directs daily programs, writes resources and curriculum, teaches weekly classes, mentors students, leads the staff, and speaks at retreats, churches, and campus ministries. She holds degrees in philosophy and linguistics from Wheaton College and the University of Virginia. Karen lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband, Charles Marsh.


Andrea Bridges works in the Graduate College at the University of Illinois. She is a former Editor at The Well and believes words can create connection over space and time. Andrea has an MDiv from Duke Divinity School and lives in Urbana, Illinois with her husband, Matt, three kids, and one dog. You’ll often find her in the garden or cheering at various youth sports.

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