By Karen Hice Guzmán and Kim King

A Generous Life: Our Podcast Interview with Kim King

Kim King is on an adventure. Like most, there have been fun and exciting moments as well as scary and unpredictable ones. In When Women Give: The Adventure of a Generous Life, Kim assumes that Christian women are committed to blessing others with the blessings they’ve received from God — including their finances. Her book helps us learn how to be generous. It’s full of stories of generous women and their giving experiences as well as suggestions on discerning where and how to give. She offers a number of helpful resources, including some worksheets to get started. She tells her own story of how God has enriched her life as she’s walked with him in this journey. And she invites us to join her.

We think you will find this book helpful as you consider your own giving, both now and in the future.

You can listen to our interview with Kim here or at Apple Podcasts — the first episode of our podcast, WAPpy Hour.


About the Author

Karen Hice Guzmán is the Director of Women Scholars and Professionals. Except for some years taken off to raise children, Karen has spent her adult life in and around InterVarsity. She loves to use her gifts of hospitality and teaching to create a welcome place to connect with God and one another. Karen has a BS in Horticulture from Michigan State University and lives in Marietta, Georgia. She and her husband have three adult sons and a daughter-in-law. She loves dark chocolate, good coffee, and British TV. 

Kim King (JD, University of Alabama) served as an attorney and executive in the law department of Exxon Mobil Corporation for over thirty years prior to leaving to pursue speaking and writing. She continues to practice privately assisting nonprofits and the under-served. She is a member of the leadership team of Women Doing Well Initiatives, an affiliate of Generous Living, which provides education and tools for women to facilitate generosity. Most recently, she joined the Board of Trustees of Thrivent Trust Company, a Christian financial services company. Kim lives in Houston, Texas.

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