By Krystal Hays, Veola Vazquez and Ann Boyd

Krystal Hays and Veola Vazquez: Healing Conversations on Race

“The best way for us to work out our thoughts and feelings and experiences about race is in relationship with another human being. ” — Krystal Hays

Professors Krystal Hays and Veola Vazquez talk with us about building and deepening cross-race relationships in a way that reflects deep faith and rigorous research. 

How can we faithfully navigate the complexities of race in our everyday relationships? Professors Krystal Hays and Veola Vazquez join us on the podcast to talk about their book Healing Conversations on Race: Four Key Practices From Scripture and Psychology. These women partnered on this book with two other colleagues — Joshua Knabb and Charles Lee-Johnson. Together, they developed the HEAL model for building and deepening cross-race relationships. The model is grounded in the narrative of Scripture and informed by psychology and social science. Krystal and Veola are both inspiring and practical, and I think you’ll really enjoy learning from them. 

Also — I’m pleased to tell you that InterVarsity Press is offering a discount for listeners of this podcast. Just use the code IVPPOD25 for 25% off and free shipping when you purchase Healing Conversations on Race at You can find a link to the book and the discount code in the show notes. And if you listen to the end of the episode, you’ll hear an excerpt from our conversation where we talk about how to overcome the sense of walking on eggshells around the issue of race.

So jump right in! We're so glad you're here.

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About the Author

Krystal Hays, PhD, is the director of the Doctor of Social Work program and an assistant professor of social work at California Baptist University.

Veola Vazquez, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and a tenured professor of psychology in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at California Baptist University.

Ann is the Women Scholars and Professionals Podcast host and the interim editor for The Well. She has worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1997, exploring her interests in community, spiritual formation, and writing. Ann has a BM in Music Education from Northwestern University and lives in Chicago, Illinois with one husband, two spunky teenage daughters, and three snuggly cats. You’ll often find Ann baking sweet treats in the kitchen while listening to a podcast or audiobook.

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