By Ruth López Turley, Ellane Park, Cynthia Prescott and Karen Hice Guzmán

Living Well When You’re Busy: Dear Mentor Podcast

"What works right now, in this season?" — Cynthia Prescott

How do you live well in the midst of a busy season? Three faculty women weigh in with their best practices in this Dear Mentor episode.

How do you live well when you’re in a busy season? What practices can help nourish you when there is very little white space at the edges of your life? In this special episode, we’re continuing our series of Dear Mentor conversations where we answer some of your most pressing questions. Today, we’re talking about thriving in the midst of a full life. Karen Hice Guzmán, director of Women Scholars and Professionals, sat down with three women faculty members —  two married with kids and one single, representing the fields of chemistry, sociology, and history — and recorded their thoughts and practices for living your best life in the midst of your busiest life.

So have a listen! We're so glad you're here.

— Ann Boyd

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About the Author

Professor López Turley directs the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University, which brings together data, research, engagement, and action to improve lives. In 2011, she founded the Houston Education Research Consortium (HERC), a research-practice partnership between Rice University and eleven Houston area school districts, representing over 700,000 students. A program of the Kinder Institute, HERC works to improve educational equity by connecting research to policy and practice, working directly with district leaders. She directed HERC from 2011 to 2022, during which she raised over $30M so that school districts would not have to pay for research. She also founded the National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships, which connects and supports over 60 partnerships between research institutions and education agencies throughout the country. She is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard and is originally from Laredo, Texas.

Ellane is Associate Professor and Department Chair of chemistry at Rollins College. She graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in Chemistry and from Columbia University with a PhD in Chemistry. Dr. Park has been named a Fulbright US Scholar and was awarded the scholarship in the area of nanotechnology.

Cynthia Prescott is Professor and Chair of the Department of History and American Indian Studies at the University of North Dakota. Her publications include Pioneer Mother Monuments: Constructing Cultural Memory. She seeks to provide context for local debates about controversial monuments through her website, public presentations, editorials, and a classroom role-playing game. She lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with her husband, two daughters, and a pandemic puppy.

Karen Hice Guzmán is the Director of Women Scholars and Professionals. Except for some years taken off to raise children, Karen has spent her adult life in and around InterVarsity. She loves to use her gifts of hospitality and teaching to create a welcome place to connect with God and one another. Karen has a BS in Horticulture from Michigan State University and lives in Marietta, Georgia. She and her husband have three adult sons and a daughter-in-law. She loves dark chocolate, good coffee, and British TV. 

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