By Ciara Reyes-Ton

A Cell Biologist’s Prayer

You created us in a fearful and wonderful biological process,

knitting us together with cellular adhesions and junctions.

You saw us when we were a hollow-ball of cells,

each blastomere before its differentiation, each germ layer before its formation.

Our morphogenesis was not hidden from you.

You witnessed the genes that orchestrated large-scale cell movements in order to give rise to our body axis, pattern, and shape.

Your eyes saw the epigenetic modifications that like a light-switch silenced or activated expression of unique combinations of genes.

You made the endoderm that gave rise to our inward parts,
the ectoderm for the exterior,
and the mesoderm for everything else.
You know us inside and out.

All the developmental stages of our life were seen before one of them came to be.

How precious are the annotations written about our DNA.   

How vast is the homology between us and other biological species!
How large is our evolutionary family tree.

You have an interest and investment in the biological processes that gave rise to us.

As a reflection of your skill and delight, may we with humility pursue knowledge and uncover the secrets of our making.

Search us, O God, for you know every atrium, ventricle and valve of our heart, forgive us as we forgive others, and lead us to the way everlasting. 


Photo by Nadya from Pixabay.
About the Author

Ciara Reyes-Ton is a biologist, editor, and freelance writer who is passionate about science communication and outreach to diverse audiences, whether that be to the general public, religious communities, or the students she teaches. She has a PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan and is currently a Lecturer at Belmont University. She has served as managing Editor for God & Nature magazine, and currently is an Editor for Peaceful Science blog.

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