By Andrea Bridges

Circling Into Lent 2022

It’s sort of an interesting thing that the Christian year circles around, instead of just moving forward to the second coming. We keep remembering the events of the life of Jesus and letting them re-member us — put us back together — as we move forward in time.

So, here we are at another lenten season. I was pretty tired last year, and I’m pretty tired this year, to be honest. We are still in the long tail of a pandemic. Russia has invaded Ukraine. Our family moved this year, and we still haven’t really settled in a church. But despite these things, Jesus calls us with tenderness. 

If you’re looking at the next six weeks with hope of drawing near to God, here are a few ideas:

Here’s a quick intro from Tish Harrison Warren about what we’re doing (and what we’re not doing) during Lent:

Here are a few resources from The Well if you’d like to take on a lenten engagement with Scripture.

Maybe you’d like to read a Psalm every day.

Or, maybe you’re not feeling it. You’re not alone:

How will you draw near to God? We’d love to hear.


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About the Author

Andrea Bridges works in the Graduate College at the University of Illinois. She is a former Editor at The Well and believes words can create connection over space and time. Andrea has an MDiv from Duke Divinity School and lives in Urbana, Illinois with her husband, Matt, three kids, and one dog. You’ll often find her in the garden or cheering at various youth sports.

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