By Renee Nicholas

A Prayer for Match Day

Photo: Med students from the Christian Medical and Dental Association at Harvard University

Medical students across the US anticipate Match Day with both excitement and trepidation. On this spring day, fourth-year medical students find out where they will be starting their residency (and for some residents, where they will do a fellowship). In the weeks running up to this event, each student lists their top programs and awaits the news to be revealed on this day: which one of their preferred programs will choose them? Their many years of training, dreaming, and preparing for this next step finally culminates in opening their match letter. Often family members of the students will come to join in the ceremony and celebration. It can be an emotional time for everyone.  
This year, Match Day falls on March 17, 2023. Members of graduate healthcare fellowships wanted to pause on this important day and turn our attention to God. We offer this prayer as a way to reflect and remember the ways God has been faithful in the past and the promise that he will continue to be faithful during this pivotal transition. We encourage students to pray this prayer together as a united community. Thanks be to God for his goodness and provision on this important day!  
— Renee Nicholas

A Prayer for Match Day

Lord, you have steadily walked this journey of medical school with us each and every day. You have been with us as we studied, as we saw our first patients, and as we rejoiced over making a correct diagnosis. You have also been beside us in our learning as we answered questions incorrectly or struggled with anxiety about exams. You loved us during all these experiences. You were there when we showed quiet compassion to a suffering patient, when we prayed silently, and when we were suddenly aware of your presence with us. 

Jesus, you have been with us throughout this journey. Now we are at a place where the road turns. We will be sent to different places to continue our journey and today we find out where this road leads. 

We are anxious, excited, nervous, and even afraid. Where will each of us be going and what will this next season bring? Lord, remind us of your loving presence with us. As Moses shared these words with Joshua, would we be encouraged by them as well, “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” (Deut. 31:8)

Lord, we come to you in this time of uncertainty and anticipation. We know that you have led us this far in our journey. Help us trust you in our next steps and remember that you promise never to leave us. Surround us with your peace. Guide us in your wisdom. Wherever you send us, help us to treat patients with humility and compassion, seeking for you to heal them spiritually, mentally, and physically.  

About the Author

Renee Nicholas MA, RN, serves as the National Director for Graduate Healthcare Ministries with InterVarsity. She previously worked as an intensive care nurse in New Mexico and for 13 years as a clinic nurse at Lawndale Christian Health Center in Chicago. She loves being able to walk alongside healthcare students as they seek to follow Jesus with their whole lives. Renee lives in Chicago with her husband and two young boys and you can often find them playing at parks around the city.  

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