By Carrie Bare

Words of Hope: A Series from Carrie Bare

"It keeps coming back to me that I should simply sit down and put into words, in the form of short devotional pieces, what I am hanging on to, myself and we all need to be hanging on to, as we make our way through this." Back in March, spiritual director Carrie Bare captured some of the words and ideas that were sustaining her through this challenges of the pandemic. When we at The Well learned of this, we immediately approached Carrie to ask if we could share these messages with our readers. A lot has happened since March, but the deep love and constancy of Jesus remain. We especially love Carrie's voice and presence guiding us more closely toward God. We hope you find as much comfort from these Words of Hope as we have.

If you'd prefer reading these devotions to listening, we have provided the text for your enjoyment.

Words of Hope — In the Midst of Uncertainty

"In times of uncertainty and confusion, it is so good to remember what we know, what is true." Carrie Bare reminds us of God's constancy in the midst of uncertainty.

Words of Hope — In the Midst of Anxiety

"God offers, always and daily, God’s lovingkindness and tender mercy that is new every morning." Carrie Bare highlights God's mercies as a contrast to our anxious thoughts.

Words of Hope — In the Midst of Fear

"We are the people who belong to the One who has conquered death. We do not need to fear what has been conquered." Carrie invites us to view our fears in light of God's strength and love.

Words of Hope — In the Midst of Change

"Would we want our lives to be unfolding other than according to God’s word?" Carrie Bare notes the refuge one can find in trusting God's plan even when changes feel alarming.

Words of Hope — In the Midst of Crisis

"[This] is an excellent time for clarity about what really matters." Carrie Bare helps us to dig deep in a crisis situation and hear God's call toward the things that are most important.

Words of Hope — In the Midst of Grief

"And so, we grieve. But not without hope." Carrie Bare leads us from grief into a place of hope through the resurrection.

Words of Hope — In the Midst of Darkness

"We are people who, when we encounter darkness, long for the light." Carrie helps us remember the truth of light even in the midst of dark places.

Prefer reading to watching? Download the text of Carrie's devotionals.

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About the Author

Carrie Bare is a wife and mother of two grown sons. Though she is permanently based in Spokane, Washington, she is currently dividing her time between Spokane and Boulder. Carrie has been with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1975, currently serving as Associate Director for Spiritual Formation of Faculty. She has always loved reading, especially fiction.

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