Suffering, Doubt, and Hope: A Conversation with Dr. Vinoth Ramachandra

How do we make sense of the suffering in our world and in our lives? Is there a place for doubt and questioning? What does living with hope look like?

We invite all women faculty, graduates students and professionals to join the finale of our Fall Book Club where Dr. Vinoth Ramachandra will discuss his book Sarah’s Laughter: Doubt, Tears and Christian Hope and answer questions at noon (Eastern) on Wednesday, November 17. We'd love to have you join us even if you weren't able to participate in the book club!

Vinoth Ramachandra confronts the intellectual, moral and political challenges posed to faith in our increasingly broken world. He reminds us that lament and joy, faith and protest, clarity, and ambiguity belong together in faithful Christian discipleship.
Vinoth holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of London and is a Sri Lanka based lay theologian, writer, teacher, and human rights advocate. He is the Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), a global partnership of over 150 university-level Christian movements
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