By Fleming Rutledge

Priest and theologian Fleming Rutledge expounds the primary biblical texts and narrative arc of the season of Epiphany, inviting us to discover anew "the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." We're pleased to share this excerpt from her new book.

By A. C. Grace

When Mary is great with child, tender feelings can be bruised — especially for those with unfulfilled longings for children. Therapist A.C. Grace shares her very personal story.

By Tish Harrison Warren and Ann Boyd

Anglican priest and author Tish Harrison Warren talks with us about the traditions of Advent and how to observe the season meaningfully in the midst of a busy time of year.

By Ann Boyd

In our third episode of short, manageable Advent reflections, we focus on staying present and aware of God with us, right now.

By Ann Boyd

Join us for a practice of short, manageable reflections together this Advent. In our first episode, we take some time to look back over the past few months.