By Terumi Echols and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with Terumi Echols, newly-appointed president and publisher of InterVarsity Press, as we discuss her career path, her family life, and her vision for the future of IVP.

By Ashley Hales

Dive into this snapshot of A Spacious Life: Trading Hustle and Hurry for the Goodness of Limits as Ashley Hales explores the tension between dreams and boundaries.

By Tish Harrison Warren and Caroline Triscik

Listen in on our conversation with priest and writer Tish Harrison Warren where we discuss human vulnerability, the nighttime prayer of Compline, and Tish’s upcoming book.

By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

How do you thrive in academia? Dr. Bieber Lake gives spiritual insight and practical help for faculty to effectively live out their calling as teachers and scholars. 

By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

How do we share our faith in a post-Christian context where public life is mostly secular and private life is very diverse? Os Guinness shows us how we can converse with — and even persuade — people who are not interested in what we are saying.