calling & vocation

By Amy L. Sherman and Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

Listen in on this fall book club interview as Women Scholars and Professionals book club host Jasmine Obeyesekere conducts an online discussion with author Amy L. Sherman where they discuss vocation, spiritual engagement, and personal congruence.

By Juliet Skuldt

Can drudgery be rich with meaning? Juliet Skuldt's volunteer office work provides space for deeper reflection on humble tasks.

By Karen Hice Guzmán

If God has called me into the academic life, why is it such a struggle? Karen Guzm​án offers wise perspective on the nature of vocation.

By Susan Maros and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and professor Susan Maros as we discuss the process of discerning God's calling and the ways our unique contexts inform that journey.

By Christine Wagoner and Caroline Triscik

Listen in on our conversation with author and ministry leader Christine Wagoner about her upcoming book, the joy of listening for God's invitations, and the gifts that come with accepting them.