cultivating community

By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

We mourn the murder of people in Garissa, among them students from our sister movement in FOCUS Kenya — another grim reminder that in parts of the globe today, Christians are randomly killed...

By Christine Wagoner

There I was in the dark ultrasound room, a lab technician trying to detect what was causing so much pain and dysfunction in my body. I felt scared and vulnerable. But there was...

By Anna Broadway

Anna Broadway invites us to pray on behalf of our brothers, that exploitation may end and new good works abound.

By Anna Moseley Gissing

I’m new to the staff of The Well, and part of my new role is managing its Facebook page. Have you “liked” us yet? We hope so! Recently I received a message from one of our “fans” that thanked...

By Michelle Shappell Harris

MIchelle Harris considers the benefits of giving without concerns about the return on her investment.

By Paula Fuller

Monday, Michael Brown’s parents asked the media and the protestors for a day of silence so they could memorialize their son. I was thankful for the silence. I needed it. I also needed our Sunday church services (morning and evening) to renew my mind regarding God’s sovereignty...