cultivating community

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

I went strawberry-picking with a friend the other day. The afternoon sun was welcome after so many weeks of cold, wet weather, and when it got too warm, a good breeze blew coolness through the rows of low-growing green plants . . .

By Tish Harrison Warren

I sit in a coffee shop near my high school that I frequented as a teenager. It feels odd to sit in this place as an adult. I feel very different from who I was when I left here. I’ve lived in six different states since then . . .

By Heather Ardrey

I don't know how much you watched the unfolding of events yesterday, but "ground zero" was just about a mile from my house. When they caught the suspect, it was just under a mile from here.  It was one of the strangest days in my life. . .

By Debra Rienstra

In order to prevent us nice Christian teenagers from indulging in let-loose drinking and debauchery on graduation night, a group of parents devised a nefarious plan...

By Christine Jeske

Some people easily find themselves in community with friends and neighbors, but what if you’re in a place where that just isn’t happening?

By Diane Paddison

Author Diane Paddison recognizes the isolation many academic and business women have in their churches and gives suggestions for change.