By Andrea E.

What role can we play in the spiritual journey of others? One woman shares her experiences.

By Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

How do we share our faith in a post-Christian context where public life is mostly secular and private life is very diverse? Os Guinness shows us how we can converse with — and even persuade — people who are not interested in what we are saying. 

By Apilang Apum

Join us for a conversation with Apilang Apum, a teacher and PhD student in India, as we discuss child labor, education for those in poor communities, and the integration of faith and learning.

By Joyce del Rosario and Caroline Triscik

Join us for a conversation with Filipino American theologian Dr. Joyce del Rosario as we discuss her ministry to teen moms, plus thoughts around ethnicity, good food, and the process of recording the unique theological contributions of the Filipino community.

By The WAP Staff Team

Considering joining us at Urbana 18? We've put together a guide to help our readers get the most out of their experience with this missions conference, whether you're attending virtually or in person.