By Christine Jeske

In my first week teaching, I printed my syllabi four times. The first time I mistyped dates (despite all my careful checking), the second time I mistyped dates again, and on the third attempt I set the copier to single instead of double sided copies...

By Stephanie White

A few years ago I had to decide whether or not to be tested for a genetic disorder, a choice that for me came down to whether or not I would live in fear. I remember putting it to an agnostic friend that way as I parsed through the decision...

Our mentors offer their best advice as an assistant professor considers the costs, benefits, and strategies of traveling to academic conferences while raising her young family.

By Marcia Bosscher

Marcia Bosscher gives an overview of the excellent programming and conversations that occurred at the Flourish: Atlanta conference in September 2014.

By Dorothy Boorse
Dorothy Boorse gave up Facebook for Lent and was compelled to examine her dreams.