By Sharon Gartland

Calling advent “a very female season,” Sharon Gartland considers how we hear and respond to God’s invitations.

By Jean Geran

What happens when you are unable to pursue what you believed to be God’s call? Jean Geran shares from her own experience and highlights two reminders for those going through times of dryness and frustration.

By Angie Crea O'Neal

English professor Angie Crea O’Neal considers the mysteries of the opal, her October birthstone, in this creative non-fiction reflection for The Well.

By Jenn Anderson

Graduate student Jenn Anderson finds in her new discipline of running, lessons for engagement and challenge in all areas of her life.

By Eugenia Brown

A professor of the history of Christianity learns to tell the truth about the giants of the faith and about herself.

By Ann Voskamp

What difference might it make to record a list of God’s gifts? Author Ann Voskamp found it life-changing.

By Christine Jeske

Author Christine Jeske finds joy in the mud and muck of life and calls us to enter in.