By Nancy Pedulla

“How many of you are leaders?” I asked, looking out at a sea of female faces in my seminar. I knew that every one of them was a leader, given the roles they held and the authority they had been given. And yet...only a few hands were raised...

By Marcia Bosscher

Marcia Bosscher gives an overview of the excellent programming and conversations that occurred at the Flourish: Atlanta conference in September 2014.

By Marcia Bosscher

Keynote speaker Rosalind Picard overheard an interaction between her husband and his younger sister and shared it with the Flourish: Atlanta audience. Asked to fix a flat on her bike, he replied, “It might be good to pretend...

By Christine Wagoner

Christine Twedt describes her journey of embracing her God-given leadership gifts.

By Suzanne Burden

What gives? How did you change your mind so dramatically? An old roommate sent a Facebook message, inquiring why I seemed to have done a turnaround on the issue of women in ministry . . . .

By Joanne Marshall

I was troubled this week by Buzzfeed’s reporting of the hate-filled Twitter responses of students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign when their chancellor, Phyllis Wise, announced that classes would be held, despite the cold . . .