By Sara Scheunemann

A few years ago during Lent, I started picking up the books I loved as a child for another reading. Maybe I did so because I had given up television and movies, but still found myself longing for stories. Or maybe my familiar old friends...

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

"May these wise words shine on our wintry souls, frozen by loneliness and hurt, and thaw us." This invocation opens Following Christ: A Lenten Reader to Stretch Your Soul...

By Stephanie Gehring

Poet and artist Stephanie Gehring offers a Lenten meditation, both written and read aloud on our podcast.

By Tish Harrison Warren

Tish Harrison Warren took on stillness for Lent and found when she slowed down and invited Jesus in, she was forced to face things she might usually ignore.

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

Carmen Acevedo Butcher describes her plans to step away from a daily dance with the Internet and hunker down in the quiet of Lent.

By Nicole Shirilla

Nicole Shirilla invites us to enter the desert of our hearts and confront the temptation that God is not enough.