mental health

By Katy Bowser Hutson

Through verse and essays, Katy Bowser Hutson chronicles her battle with breast cancer and the complications of faith amid such a fight. We're pleased to share this excerpt from her new book in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

By Sara Carroll Johnson

What does it look like to tend to mental health in graduate school? Clinical psychology doctoral candidate Sara Carroll Johnson points us to a set of concrete skills.

By Aundi Kolber and Ann Boyd

Therapist Aundi Kolber returns to talk with us about cultivating inner strength, paying attention to our needs, and ways to stay grounded in God's love.

By Janice McWilliams and Ann Boyd

Janice McWilliams talks with us about sustainable self-care, cultivating restorative practices for our mental health, and looking to Jesus as an example of a life well-lived.

By Holly Oxhandler and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and professor Holly Oxhandler as we discuss the image of God in each of us, its importance for our own flourishing, and the tools we can harness to learn more about it.