By Christena Cleveland

I’ve been a social justice warrior since midway through the first grade. The “new girl” in my class, who also happened to be blind, was unable to participate in our lunchtime kickball game...

By Christine Wagoner

There I was in the dark ultrasound room, a lab technician trying to detect what was causing so much pain and dysfunction in my body. I felt scared and vulnerable. But there was...

By Christine Wagoner

I was at the grocery store the other day perusing the cheese cases and was excited to see they were giving away samples of gourmet cheeses. The woman handing out the samples engaged me in small talk, chatting about the delicious cheeses . . .

By Grace Chiu

Is God being unusually cruel when he withholds the benefits and blessings of marriage? Grace Chiu examines the theology behind some of our responses to singleness.

By Ann Boyd

I am a little shy about raising the topic of women in the church. When pressed, I will gladly speak my mind and enter into the controversy. But so often it feels like discussing politics these days — more like getting into a fight than having a real discussion with an exchange of ideas . .