spiritual formation

By Emily P. Freeman

What is the "next right thing" for your life? Join us for a conversation with author and podcaster Emily P. Freeman as we discuss the ways we can follow God's gentle leading even in the midst of decision-fatigue.

By Janet Balajthy

What particular ways can women leaders benefit from the discipline of spiritual direction? Janet Balajthy shares her expertise and recommendations.

By Caroline Triscik and Catherine McNiel

Join us for a conversation with author Catherine McNiel as we discuss personal spiritual disciplines, the challenge to stay attentive in the midst of a busy life, the importance of community, and other gems found in her most recent book.

By Phileena Heuertz and Caroline Triscik

Join us for a conversation with contemplative activist Phileena Heuertz as we discuss her journey from justice work to prayer and the “mixed life” of an ordinary contemplative.