spiritual formation

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

My bottom was already numb, and my skinny shoulder blades ached against the hard wooden pew where weekly as a child I sat obediently a few rows back on the left-hand side of the church with my family. Mostly I spent a lot of time staring at the stack of big black hymn numbers . . .

By Tish Harrison Warren

I recently came across the Duke University study that concludes that women need more sleep than men do and that sleep deprivation causes greater physical and emotional stress in women than in men. I immediately forwarded it . . .

By Carmen Acevedo Butcher

I was watching our seven-year-old son who had been playing a long time, rolling Matchbox cars across “roads” in the den rug’s intricate patterns and blowing car noises through his lips. When I said . . 

By Sara Scheunemann

Summer wanes, and the start of the academic year is around the corner at my university. As a child, I wished the summer months away, eager to return to school. Buying notebooks and new tennis shoes . . .