By Susan Cross

A professor of social psychology shares her interest in her field and its application to the church.

By Lucy Aguirre

PhD student Lucy Aguirre works with the fundamental building blocks of life.

By Tricia Hall

Physician and mother Tricia Hall describes seasons in her work life, including some far different from those she envisioned as a student.

By Heather Duncan

In university classrooms and homeless shelters, Heather Duncan finds fulfillment in her work.

By Jennifer Jao

Physician Jennifer Jao hears God speaking to her through her interactions with clinic patients in west Africa.

By Andrea Van Wyk

Andrea Van Wyk, a pediatric resident, explains her “see-through” skin and reflects on her time in India.

By Dawn Morrow

Hear the voices of women seeking to follow Christ in the university and professions. MBA student Dawn Morrow describes her place in the world of business.

By Sarah Smith

Hear the story of Sarah Smith, a woman seeking to follow Christ in the university world.