By an anonymous graduate student

I used to sleep like a cat at Christmas time: as close under the warm, fragrant, and glowing Christmas tree as possible...

By Marcia Bosscher

What contrasts we are experiencing — celebrations and excitement gearing up to Christmas; mourning and grief following the killings in Newtown...

By Sharon Gartland

Is what you’ve done good enough? What do you do when you feel all your hard work has been for nothing?

By Christine Jeske

Author Christine Jeske finds joy in the mud and muck of life and calls us to enter in.

By Angie Crea O'Neal

What happens when our expectations and desires do not align with the reality of the life we're given?

By Susan Anderson

Have you encountered walls in your personal or spiritual path that seem insurmountable? Susan Smetzer-Anderson probes these seeming roadblocks and what they might mean for our lives.