work-life balance

By Sara Scheunemann

I like to finish things. After hours of working on a paper or project, nothing is quite so satisfying as checking it off my to-do list. My favorite moment in event planning, which I have done a lot in several jobs . . .

By Marcia Bosscher

I sat a few nights ago in a cavernous Congregational church in Madison while the Bach musicians rehearsed. Unable to attend their concert, I came instead to the dress rehearsal...

By Ann Boyd

Years ago, I read Stephen Covey's influential book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and it helped shape my life as a young...

By Regina Sun

We caught Regina Sun as she returned to work after maternity leave and quizzed her on life, faith, work, and family.

By Christine Jeske

Margins make a visual design — and a life — more appealing. But, Chrissy Jeske asks, how do we make that space?