In an interview format, Voices features women in The Well audience representing a variety of academic areas and professions.

By Emily P. Freeman

What is the "next right thing" for your life? Join us for a conversation with author and podcaster Emily P. Freeman as we discuss the ways we can follow God's gentle leading even in the midst of decision-fatigue.

By Beverly Staub Tuthill Vergason

In the early to mid 20th century, hundreds of women were church planters, pastors, and evangelists. Join us as we speak with 96-year-old Beverly Staub, a woman who planted and pastored churches in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and rural New York.

By Holly Flora

What might an art historian recommend when visiting a museum? Holly Flora shares her journey into art history, her thoughts on connecting spiritually with works of art, and some practical advice for novices.

By Apilang Apum

Join us for a conversation with Apilang Apum, a teacher and PhD student in India, as we discuss child labor, education for those in poor communities, and the integration of faith and learning.