In an interview format, Voices features women in The Well audience representing a variety of academic areas and professions.

By Lucy Aguirre

PhD student Lucy Aguirre works with the fundamental building blocks of life.

By Ruth López Turley

Ruth López Turley inspires her students as she researches and teaches about inequalities in education, drawing inspiration from her own experience growing up in Laredo, Texas.

By Heather Duncan

In university classrooms and homeless shelters, Heather Duncan finds fulfillment in her work.

By Karen H. Kim Yeary

Bosscher-Hammond Prize recipient Karen Kim describes her work in the Lower Mississippi Delta integrating faith and health care.

By Hillary Prag

Putting cameras in the hands of displaced Haitians is a passion for documentary photographer Hilary Prag.

By Naomi Haynes

Naomi Haynes draws faith and inspiration from the women she encounters as she conducts her anthropology field work in Zambia.

By Andrea Van Wyk

Andrea Van Wyk, a pediatric resident, explains her “see-through” skin and reflects on her time in India.