By the staff of Women in the Academy and Professions

Responding at The Well: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

It’s hurricane season, as the good people in Texas and Florida know all too well. We at The Well have been watching and praying along with you all. In the spirit of ushering God’s kingdom on earth more fully, we offer you a few of the most helpful resources we have come across in these difficult days.

For Christ and the University,

The staff of Women in the Academy and Professions

Articles Worth Reading

Relevant Articles from Our Archives

  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Considering a Christian Response” by Michelle Shappell Harris. In this article from 2015, Michelle Harris entreats us to think carefully and act mercifully toward the refugees in our midst and across the globe.
  • The Pieces of Nepal” by Andrea Lama. In this piece from 2015, Andrea Lama offers her reflections on the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal that spring and her personal and practical response to the crisis.
  • A Life of Prayer Amidst News of Death” by Tish Harrison Warren. In the face of the tragic news reports of the summer of 2014, Tish Harrison Warren laments the inability to respond and confesses our deep need for prayer.

Book Recommendations

  • Disaster Ministry Handbook by Jamie D. Aten and David M. Boan provide a practical guide to churches for disaster preparedness.
  • Anxious by Amy Simpson encourages us to take worry and anxiety seriously, but with a call into further trust in God.
  • Be Not Afraid by Dave Ivaska takes a deep look into Scripture to find courage in the midst of struggle.

Other Resources

  • Rebuild Texas. Author and Houston-native Kim King recommends this organization: “I have been looking into organizations to give to help Harvey victims. There is a new foundation started by Michael Dell and his wife that is affiliated with the OneStar foundation. They have an expedited grant process to give to local organizations who will be helping for the long haul. I am hearing good things about OneStar, so I am planning to give to Rebuild Texas.”
  • Other ways to give. For recommended charities, Business INsider provides a list including many faith-based organizations recommended by Charity Navigator, a nonprofit that independently rates over 8,000 charities. As they say, “Not all charities are created equal.” Be wise as you make donations. Consider relief organizations sponsored by your church or denomination.
  • If you live in Texas, there are many ways to offer help.



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