Reflections are meditations and stories, often in memoir style, of women's lives as they seek to follow Christ in the academy and professions. Reflections include insights into God's faithfulness to women in the midst of academic and professional life.

By Ann Boyd

Sometimes a well-placed question can change the shape of your future — or at least, it can help you think carefully about your next few weeks. Ann Boyd offers a framework to help you live with intention.

By Emily Crider

Emily Crider, reflecting on the sense of being overwhelming to others, finds comfort and truth in the work of a 20th century artist.

By Stephanie Gehring

Artist and poet Stephanie Gehring Ladd offers her reflections on the negative effects of hurry on our lives.

By Karen Hice Guzmán and Jay Sivits

We celebrate the life of one of the most gentle souls and spiritually powerful forces behind the ministry of Women in the Academy and Professions.

By Danielle Davey Stulac

Danielle Davey Stulac reflects on the disappointments and surprising gifts of navigating relationships and advance degrees — and God's presence and direction through them all.