In Focus

In Focus articles are thoughtful and practical writings addressing the unique challenges and joys of women in the academy and professions. Topics include those dealing with the academy, professions, relationships, singleness, career decisions, and child-bearing and child-raising in the context of study and work.

By Jamie Noyd

Jamie Noyd gives examples from literature, the Bible, and her own work of lives changing in “liminal” moments.

By Jayme M. Yeo

When Jamie Yeo is asked to serve communion at her church, she is terrified of being called out, “Hey, who let you in? What do you think you’re doing?” until her thought is claimed by another idea.

By Jenn Anderson

Graduate student Jenn Anderson finds in her new discipline of running, lessons for engagement and challenge in all areas of her life.

By Eugenia Brown

A professor of the history of Christianity learns to tell the truth about the giants of the faith and about herself.

By Sandra Glahn

Though living hundreds of years apart, T. S. Elliot and Julian of Norwich both affirmed that in Christ, “all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”

By Halee Gray Scott

Data indicates happiness is declining for women worldwide, even in the face of greater opportunity and freedom. Halee Gray Scott suggests how Christian women might respond.

By Christine Jeske

Chrissy Jeske recognizes the pressures of being “measured,” whether for grad school, jobs, or in relationships.